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One of the key ways to get started in designing with people is to explore their daily activities – the tasks and rituals that are part of their everyday lives. This section presents insights, interactions and inspiration for how people live, related to eight Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs).

Each activity is described from different perspectives for designers via an essay pooling user insights, still images, video clips, user quotes and case studies.

All data is drawn from a wide range of people-centred and inclusive design projects undertaken by the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design over a ten-year period.

The activities of daily living are grouped under four main themes: Personal Care, Household, Work & Money and Communication.

Personal Care

How people perform activities can also be affected by the context of use. According to i~design3 research partner, Loughborough Design School, the four main contextual factors are: understanding the person, the nature of tasks, physical environment and social environment. Read more on how context affects the ability to carry out activities here