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The approach of www.designingwithpeople.org has been derived from conversations with designers working in inclusive design or social innovation practice. Most of those interviewed articulated a belief that knowing how to find and work with real people was becoming more difficult.

Therefore, this web tool aims to act as a first-step learning tool for designers to explore their own ways to design with people. It is designed to support engagement with real people during the design process by browsing different resources on the website but it does not intend to replace such direct interactions. Based on this rationale, this web tool is grounded in three principles:

One: Sharing knowledge and provoking new design thinking

Insights drawn from Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design projects over a ten-year period have informed two key starting points for designers. You can to meet real people with different capabilities and explore activities of daily living from different angles. Please visit PEOPLE and ACTIVITIES

Two: Providing practical resources for different learning styles and levels

A range of useful resources is available to assist designers in finding the right methods and approaches to design with people in an effective and ethical way. Please visit METHODS and ETHICS

Three: Building an integrative platform for the future

This website is a one-stop resource for those interested in designing with people and who would like to practice it and share with others. In developing this web tool and registering it as .org, it is our intention to get the debate going and form a virtual community to share and build practice together. Please visit CONTRIBUTE